Dry Cleaning POS made simple.

FreshPOS is an easy-to-use POS for cleaners looking to do things differently. We are currently in a Beta launch phase, so if you are looking specifically for a feature we don’t currently offer reach out and we can work together to build it for you.

  • Optimised for delivery without forgetting the in-store experience
  • Cloud-based security with the power of PC
  • Unlimited terminals. Unlimited stores.


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Dry cleaning software can be cluttered with buttons and prompts everywhere. FreshPOS has evolved to be more intuitive and show you what is important on relevant screens.

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Leverage on the best of both worlds. Windows based software that isn’t limited by a browser, coupled with cloud-based storage of data. Partnering with Microsoft Azure data is highly secure and lighting fast to access. Manage settings, admin and reporting from the web.

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Easily create and add new stores to cater for your expanding dry cleaning empire! No “per terminal” costs, install FreshPOS on as many or as few PC’s as you like.

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Updates forever

Always have access to the latest and greatest version with new features and fixes. Auto-update will make sure you are kept up to date at all times and remind you so you don’t need to remember.

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Pickup & Delivery

Most dry cleaning POS systems have bolted on pickup & delivery as an afterthought, being initially designed for face-to-face. Understanding the way we work and live has changed, FreshPOS has been built with this in mind.

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Open API integration

Got a client that wants to connect to your system? Like to build your own App? Utilise the FreshPOS API’s to do this.

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FreshPOS is designed to work with your very own custom application, providing an industry-leading seamless pickup & delivery experience for your customers.

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SMS. Email. Push. Chat.

Life is fast-paced and we like to be kept up to date. FreshPOS facilitates various notifications out-of-the-box. Chat directly with your customers if they have a connected app using the messaging feature.

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Simple integration with Stripe. A well-rounded and reliable payments gateway.

Extra Services

At FreshPOS we are backed by a motivated and talented development team. We’ve got a couple of supporting services that may be of benefit to our dry cleaning partners.

App & Web Development

Ever wanted your own app or branded booking website? Our team can help your business and service offering stand out from the crowd with a custom app or booking website without the cost of building it from scratch by leveraging on our white-label platform.

POS Feature Development

We’ve got an exciting pipeline of features already in development, but if there is something we don’t currently have, or something specific to your business, reach out and we can work together to make it happen.


Software support is free as long as you have an active subscription. Simply access our support team by lodging a ticket from your admin panel.

Pricing & Plans

FreshPOS plans are unique. We think that we should grow if we help you grow. So rather than charge a fixed fee per month per terminal like most of the others out there, or limiting the amount of tickets you can write, we charge a small percentage based on the month’s total tickets. So if you’re just starting out or have a quiet month, you don’t need to pay as much.




per ticket

*Branded Native iOS & Android App will be quoted based on design requirements. Monthly fees do not inlcude merchant, sms or monthly lock fees.

Case Study: iBAG intelligent drycleaning

In 2018 iBAG came to us with a vision for a market-leading customer app experience that needed to be backed by an easy-to-use and order management system for it’s pickup & delivery service. The result is an industry-first experience in Australia, a software environment complete with customer app, driver delivery app, our famously simple and intuitive POS all able to be managed from the web with an admin portal online.
The challenge for iBAG was finding a dry cleaning order management system that provided the ability to scale from the high-detail sometimes required by dry cleaners to the simple intuitiveness required by customers to interact with a customer app. The lack of this in the market led them to the unique FreshPOS solution, and with some tweaks the iBAG App provides a seamless customer experience.
Their main gripe was that current offerings in the market were clunky, burdened with unnecessary detail and screen clutter making training and use complex and time consuming. With an simple home-screen and easy to digest information, the FreshPOS system is the perfect blend of easy-to-use and providing the detail required quickly.
Implementing the FreshPOS solution has allowed iBAG to increase its sales by 100% on the back-end of the covid-19 pandemic. In a time when lots of dry cleaners have closed, or happy to reach parity with 2019 figures, the business has been able to succeed on the back of a cutting-edge software platform. Being able to scale a business to become Australia’s only national dry cleaning brand has been made possible off the back of automating key processes within the software and removing the need for human intervention. FreshPOS has been built from the ground up to allow business to scale and automate key processes.

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